Forex pips alert

Forex pips alert

Posted: Tauren Date: 24.05.2017

This is a multi-currency alert for price movements towards an MA. AlertPips - the distance in pips from the MA at which to alert. One alert is sent per bar.

forex pips alert

AlertBarsSkip - the number of bars to skip before sending another alert. MATimeFrame - this is the TF for the calculation of the MA and is usually set to 0 which means to use the chart's TF. DBDisplay - to turn off the dashboard and only get alerts, set to false. MailAlert - set to true to receive emails. This option only works if the platform is properly configured for email.

forex pips alert

SendAlert - set to false to suppress alerts and use the dashboard only. CurrencySuffix - supply the currency suffix, if your broker has appended a lower case letter like "r" to the symbol. You can change the colour scheme of the dashboard to suit your chart; these are the inputs and defaults: The currency pairs to be monitored can be selected from the list and in addition there are 4 fields for other pairs of your choice.

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A maximum of 15 pairs can be monitored. This thread is for topics related to this indicator only. A few guidelines to follow: Please explain how it happened and the steps to follow to recreate it.

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If I can't recreate it, I can't fix it. Include screen shots if necessary. You can request enhancements. In all likelihood they will not be implemented unless I feel they are appropriate for the intended purpose of the indicator and are beneficial to others.

You cannot ask coding questions on this thread. You cannot post anything I deem off topic.

You cannot PM me. If it is not important enough to discuss in a public forum, it is not important enough for me to respond. The dashboard can be installed on any pair's chart for any timeframe. The chart's TF can be overridden in the settings. Once installed it should look something like the image.

I just noticed that I hadn't posted the code. I think I ran into problems uploading and then forgot.

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I think I know how to now. So negative numbers are how many pips below the MA price currently is, and positive numbers are pips above, or above below the alert range?

And in the example "10" is the "pips to" range? And is not meaning the MA period? So if the MA is 1.

Negative means below 1. The parameters like the MA period and AlertPips are for all pairs, but you can deselect pairs and put the indicator on another chart if you need multiple setups. I also have a single chart version; I will try to find the link to it. Hi Pip could not find the file for the dashboard, its something that would help me a lot, could you resend the m4 file..

Downloading worked for me. The forum insists on ZIP files, so you have to unzip after downloading to get the. Yes thanks for that , the ex4 file does not contain the code its garbled, could you copy the script and post it would be appreciated.

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I just posted the single chart version of this alert. Please note that it only has an alert function, there is nothing visual on the chart.

For monitoring a few charts, this is probably the better choice to use. The dashboard is superior for many pairs. Simple 5ema X 8sma with Filter Line","slug": Pips To MA Alert - Dashboard Trading Systems.

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forex pips alert
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