Stock market overvalued 2016

Stock market overvalued 2016

Posted: thehyips Date: 22.05.2017
stock market overvalued 2016

By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace Today's epic melt up has left many traders, investors and market watchers speechless. But even prior to Wednesday's explosive move higher, the market was already in nosebleed territory.

As Bank of America calculates, as of yesterday's close, multiples expanded across most sectors and across all size segments in November. Valuations for the index look elevated vs. A nd large caps now look attractive vs.

Ok fine, the market is cheap, and on the 20th anniversary of "Irrational exuberance" it is going for try 2. However, is every sector overpriced? Here, some opportunities emerge: Health Care is now the cheapest sector vs. After today's Trump comment it is trading even cheaper.

So what does this mean for BofA's market recommendations? Well, the answer is, "its complicated. During a press event in NYC, BofA's head of U. The truth, however, is that Savita is right - at this moment the market can go straight up, or it could crash, both with equal probability, based on what happens to Trump's proposed policies. What she is concerned about is company capital raising: As such she urges to watch potential recession indicators for signs of risk see below.

What is the upside case? What is the downside case?

stock market overvalued 2016

The bear case would include trade wars, stagflation, rates either rising quickly or not at all. She also noted that share buybacks are at all-time high, but starting to slow, and while she sees potential for infrastructure spending under Trump administration, it is now "quite aggressively" priced-in to exposed stocks materials, building products, cement, industrials , and sees these as better candidates to short than go long long.

stock market overvalued 2016

Finally, she said she was watching company leverage, which as we have documented repeatedly, is at all time high, or as she put it, it "has been a very friendly environment for borrowing. This market is so fat I took a picture of it last Christmas, and it's still printing.

These valuations make sense because interest rates are so low. Stuff, including markets, is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. But without the fucking this and that. Somebody sounds like they lost a bit of money. Don't bet what you don't want to lose!

My grandpappy once told me that! How high can it go?

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How much can they print. The Global Central Bankster Mafia will lay waste to all they survey. They have no country or loyalty, they are multinational. They own all the nukes in their territories. They will, behind the scenes, threaten anyone via those nukes who attempt to thwart their hegemony. The market is rigged period. Stop devoting so much effort into debunking it. This site is useless bullshit. I have been waiting for the markets to implode since graduating in and reading Ravi Batra's "The Great Depression of Why its got to happen - how to protect yourself".

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CNN's Jim Acosta Throws Dramatic Tantrum Over Sean Spicer's Silent Press Briefing by ZeroPointNow - Jun 19, Inflation is no longer in stealth mode by GoldCore - Jun 20, 5: Dec 7, 7: Let's just call that Bank of America Bank of America Yield Curve Stagflation Irrational Exuberance fixed Risk Premium Recession Trade Wars Washington D.

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What makes you think they stopped printing or will ever stop? Normalcy Bias fuzh Dec 7, 8: Trolly McTrollface fuzh Dec 7, 9: You guys better go short then if your numbers are showing it's overvalued FuckJanetYellen Dec 7, Blankfuck FuckJanetYellen Dec 8, 5: Cthonic swampmanlives Dec 8, A82EBA Dec 8, 6: FredFlintstone Dec 8, 6: Create new account Request new password.

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RanSquawk News 5: UK Public Sector Net Borrowing May 5. ECB allots EUR 35mln in its 7-day MRO. Hang Seng closes lower by 0. Early FX colour; fresh political developments grinding on GBP; USD Existing Home Sales to be reported at Mocon to host special shareholder meeting.

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Southern National Bancorp to host special shareholder meeting. Eastern Virginia Bankshares to host special shareholder meeting. Kelly Services management to meet with Northcoast.

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