How to earn money at a garage sale

How to earn money at a garage sale

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Garage sales are a ton of work, from picking through every room in your house to find things to sell to hauling an endless amount of stuff outside. The reality is that most sellers are lucky to end up with a few hundred bucks.

So are those stories of garage sales that net four figures just suburban legend? Or you can get a few friends together to host a joint sale.

14 Ways to Make More Money at a Yard Sale — and Have Fun Too

Roth , the founder of GetRichSlowly. The amount of traffic that sees your signs or drives past your sale will have a big impact on your profits, he says.

Do you have an old collection you don't want to hold onto? Have old furniture or electronics you can part with? Experts say having a few items that command higher price tags will help amp up your cash take, as well as lure potential buyers to your sale where they will likely pick up other items.

If you have a lot of sports equipment, gardening tools or canning supplies, make that your marketing message to lure people interested in those items.

Your garage sale cheat sheet: How to get the best deals — and not buy junk. On top of placing the traditional newspaper ad, post details of your sale on Craigslist and on garage sale websites.

8 Items To Buy At Yard Sales This Summer

Hammond also suggests having someone drive around at certain points throughout the day with supplies so he or she can make a sign on the spot if one has disappeared. Organize items by type kitchen, clothing, sports, etc.

It needs to be seen and displayed.

how to earn money at a garage sale

Fold it on a table, or hang items up. Also, create browsable sections. Have a pricing strategy. Towards the end of the sale, expect to sell things for half off.

But, maybe the buyer has been looking for that and would name a higher price. Or, combine the two strategies and put price tags on most items while also having a dollar table.

Money Girl : Yard Sale Tips to Earn More Money :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™

Bundling items together is also an effective upsell strategy, Littlefield says. Your stuff will go a lot faster and people will feel like they got a great deal. Open at nontraditional times.

how to earn money at a garage sale

You get a crowd of people gathered there at your rope and create a frenzy over your stuff by making them drool over it for a few minutes and they have competition to the right and left of them. Create a fun shopping experience. It makes it a happy memory for people.

How to make more money at a garage sale -

Put big bills in your pants pockets and small bills in the pockets of the apron. Ellen Sturm Niz is an editor and writer living, parenting, and working in New York City.

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how to earn money at a garage sale

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